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House Painting Services We Offer

At Masterpiece Painter, our house painters provide a variety of services related to painting and home improvement. We can help your home shine and look its best on the inside and out! When you choose our residential painting team, you can feel confident that you are hiring the best in the business.

Masterpiece Painter has been successfully providing services in residential painting throughout New England Area. From us you can expect maximum quality, professional competence and dedication in the extreme to perform your project:

  • Interior Painting.
  • Exterior Painting.
  • Staining and Finishing.
  • Cabinet Finishing.
  • Decks and Patios.
  • Powerwashing.

Deck Restoration

There is an increase of using decks that are weathered. The protruding nails may cause significant difficulties. We replace worn out slats and give them a unique finishing touch.

Masterpiece Painter will refurbish your old decks and make them look new again. Depending on your application, we pressure wash your deck with either a light wash or chemical strip. We use only top of the line products to seal and protect your decks.
Planning to stain or paint a deck is easy

Depending on sun light exposure and weather conditions in your area, your deck will need re-application every one to three years. A transparent stain tends to last a little longer than natural or most clear sealers because they have more color pigments for protection from the sun. Transparent stains come in several different colors. Think long-term if you choose an unnatural color. If you decide to go back to wood tones, the previous stain will have to be removed.

A solid-color wood stain penetrates the wood and allows some of the texture and grain to show. The main disadvantage of solid stains is that they tend to show wear on heavy-traffic areas, and when the finish starts breaking down, it can peel and look bad. A transparent stain won’t peel; however it will give the appearance of fading.